We are aiming to make best use of the good weekend weather by fielding no fewer than 5 teams this Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday the 1st XI play St Mary Redcliffe (H) and the 2nd XI play Bishopston (A), both in the Bristol & District League.

On Sunday the 1st XI again turn out - this time in the National Village Cup area semi-final at Timsbury (A). Meanwhile there are fixtures at home (Cuaco Touring XI) and against Gordano Valley (venue tba).

The good news is that with the influx of new players and the return of the students, pressure for places in these sides is still very keen.

Anyone with any interest in playing is urged to call Selection Co-Ordinator Paul Nice - details on Contacts page - as soon as possible to avoid gut-wrenching disappointment.

Note that the North Somerset XI (3rd XI) has no league game this wekend.


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