New year 2005 will see a complete revamp of this site ahead of what is expected to be a pulsating new cricket season. I've fallen down a bit on the job of running this website since 2003. Hmmm!

Bookmark this site and return in a month's time for eye-popping material about the 2004 winter indoor success stories of our Bristol and Taunton teams and for the almost completed full fixture list for the summer.

Remember indoor nets start on Tuesday 1st February 2005 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm at The Downs School, Wraxall, and will run EVERY TUESDAY until 5th April.

12th April 2005 outdoor nets start and run EVERY TUESDAY till September.

Then the indoor seasons start - for one team at Taunton and another at Bristol.

Then it's this time next year and the whole thing starts again.

Failand & Portbury CC offers ALL THE YEAR ROUND CRICKET!

Be seeing you!

Marvin Straightjacket 10.12.05

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