Our feelings go out to all those, locals and visitors, cricketers no doubt among them, who are really up against it right now because of this catastrophe, as well as to the relatives of those who have died.

It all gives events on the cricket field a degree of perspective.

One kind of immediate help that we can give is through putting funds into one of the organised agencies that is geared up to convert money donations into things that the people in the affected areas need immediately: like water purifying tablets, waterproof bags to sleep in and medical supplies.

One such agency is Oxfam, though there are many others. You can go direct to Oxfam's catastrophe appeal fund at
and make a credit card donation to help them in what they are doing.

Another one is the Red Cross and their online earthquake and flood appeal page is at: . They have a Red Cross logistics team in Sri Lanka doing the best it can to help with tarpaulins, blankets, cooking utensils and rehabilitation during the months ahead.

£10.00 for you and me is the cost of a few pints of beer in the pub tonight.

For somebody in one of the affected parts of Asia, our £10.00 could be the difference between his/her life and death in the coming weeks.

Marvin 29.12.04

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